Jaguar explores what makes Jose Mourinho tick

Jose Mourinho stars in a new Jaguar film, celebrating the successful partnership between the two iconic brands. Taking to the streets of Manchester in the Jaguar XJ, Mourinho reveals what it takes to be ‘special’.

Jose Mourinho said, “Jaguar for me represents passion and performance. It’s one thing to play for a club, or to coach a club, another is to play or to coach with passion, and feel the passion, and I think Jaguar’s cars are also like this. You feel the passion that they invest into their cars.”

Mourinho became one of the first people to drive the F-PACE, the fastest-selling Jaguar ever, ahead of its launch last year. The renowned football manager mastered the art of high speed drifting and full throttle ice driving on a 60km frozen lake at Jaguar Land Rover’s extreme testing facility in Arjeplog, Sweden.

The Jaguar XJ enjoyed impressive UK sales in 2016, up 11% on 2015 with its dramatic combination of beauty, luxury and power capturing the heart of executive buyers across the UK.

The Jaguar XJ, priced from £58,690 (Rs 49.51 lakh), is available to order now at Jaguar UK retailers.

Source: NEWS18