47th Auto Mall on 20th Jan at DLF Place Saket

47th Auto Mall in DLF Place Saket

Yet another Auto Mall from Relio Quick is here to steal your breath away! The place is going to be DLF Place, Saket this time and the event is scheduled for 20th, 21st and 22nd of January. If you love automobiles, be it bikes or cars, then you don’t need an introduction to the Auto Mall. For those who have recently joined the bandwagon of Auto lovers, this is the place to be, to know and see everything related to Automobiles.

Relio Quick Auto Mall has been engaging with different organizations to arrange for an Auto Show like never before in various cities across India. The first show of the year 2017, the 47th Auto Mall is all set to start on 20th Jan in DLF Place Saket, Delhi. The Auto Show is open to all from 10 AM to 11 PM and will have everything you would think of, in relation to Automobiles.

What will you see?

When you are here, you are most definitely will be looking at a place which serves as a one stop shopping area for all things related to Auto. This will also be the place where you will see most of the national and international Brands showcasing their latest innovations and inventions alongside each other. Where else will you be able to compare them together in person? Following are some details you note them-

Details of the 47th Auto Mall

  • Date                                                    :               20-21st January 2017
  • Time                                                   :               10 AM to 11 PM
  • Location                                            :               DLF Place Saket, Delhi
  • Organizers                                        :              Stratagem Business and  Relio Quick
  • Free Registration                             :             http://automallindia.net/events/registration/ 

What can you do here?

Imagine the green monster creeping up on your friends as you share the snap you took with the latest edition of BMW. Being there next to the latest from BMW or any other brand of automobile is an event in itself. So think of being surrounded by cars of multiple brands, bikes from different leading companies. Doesn’t that excite you?

That is not all though. The Auto Mall has always been known for providing innovative and auto related entertainment to all its customers. Whether you are fresh out of college or you have been a hard working entrepreneur, whether you are visiting alone or with family or with friends, it doesn’t matter. Relio Quick Auto Mall has something to please everyone.

Leave your kids to enjoy a little color with our drawing events while you can use your brains to participate in a technical event, all about cars and bikes. The Auto Mall has been quite an initiator of green drives and you will find multiple events related to that as well.

Not big on participating in events? Well, you can still spend your day visiting stalls of the multiple auto manufacturers, comparing cars and bikes in person, making your decision on what would be best for you.  If you are finding it difficult with the budget, the financing stall is ready to help you right away. And the insurance agents are right around to show you the best policy for your car and your safety.

So what are you waiting for? Your weekend is perfectly planned and all you need to do is get yourself to the DLF place, Saket for an entertaining and informative evening on cars and bikes!

Register here http://automallindia.net/events/registration/  if you are  planning to go to the 47th Auto Mall, We will guide you better