Porsche Boxster: The car that saved the company

Today Porsche is the most profitable car company in the world, at least if you base your calculations on the amount of money made per unit produced. Porsches are not just cars which people aspire to own, Porsche is a company other car companies aspire to emulate.

So it’s a little hard to recall that as little as 20 years ago, things did not look quite so good. In fact they looked terrible. By the mid-1990s Porsche’s product line-up was in desperate need of replacement.

The 928 was the youngest design on its books and that had gone into production in 1978. The 968 was just a highly evolved variant of the even older 924 and as for the 911, well that was already past its 30th birthday, while its engine was still air-cooled and unable to meet forthcoming emissions standards.

Source : Telegraph