GT-R is coming today and this is what you should know about the Godzilla

Get ready for the ‘King of Monsters’, as Nissan is all set to unleash the Godzilla, Nissan GT-R on the Indian roads today. But prior to that, let us tell you a few things of the GT-R and why it is one of Nissan’s most iconic cars and how important it is for us Indians.

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Nissan unveiled the GT-R in 2007, based on the Skyline GT-R. Nissan built the Gojira with only one motive, to be the fastest sportscar in the world and take forward the legacy built by the Skyline range. With new levels of refinement and excitement, GT-R will delight Indian performance car enthusiasts with its dynamic new exterior styling, lavishly appointed interior, driving performance enhancements and key new features

The GT-R comes fitted with a mammoth 3.5 litre, twin-turbocharged, V6 engine that has the ability to produce an inspiring 554 BHP of power and 632 Nm of torque, mated to dual-clutch semi-automatic rear mounted transmission. With the power reaching all the wheels of the GT-R, the monster can go from 0-100kmph in less than 3 seconds.

During the testing in 2007, the all-new GT-R posted an official 7m:38.5s lap at the mighty Nurburgring circuit in Germany. This was the fastest lap ever for a production car.

The GT-R is so committed to posting faster lap times around a track that only four engineers in the world are allowed to hand craft the GT-R’s engine, one at a time, right from the start to finish. These engineers are masters of their craft and quite aptly have been named Takumi, a Japanese term reserved for the very best in their profession.

Ironically, for a car of this pedigree, GT-R posters may have made it to fewer walls than Ferraris and Lamborghinis. That however, doesn’t take away from the GT-R being special and elusive. With the launch slated for today, we can already feel the goosebumps, can you?

Source: IndiaToday IndiaToday