45th Auto Mall will be in Lulu Mall, Cochin

Do you love cars? Then you would love this show. If you are an avid lover of automobiles, then you are probably already aware of what we are talking about here. Yes, the biggest ever auto show in the country is back again at the Lulu Mall in Cochin, one of the top three largest malls, in India. The event is planned to take place between 25th and 27th of November and will be the 45th Auto Mall from Relio Quick. The show will be open to all above mentioned days between 10 AM to 10PM.Event-Page.jpg

As with every other Auto Mall organized by Relio Quick this Auto Show will also see some of the leading automobile brands showcasing some of their most valued and fresh new products. You will see cars and bikes from top leading brands in a much closer place. It is once in a while opportunity where such huge and leading industry players have their products on display in the same place. You cannot find it anywhere in the country other than in the Relio Quick Auto Mall.

Why should you be there?

If you are a lover of cars or bikes or both, then that is a valid enough reason to be part of this grand event. Even if you are not an avid follower of the industry, this event is a place to get a good idea on what is the latest in the market and what technology comes to you from each of the brands. It is also a great place to compare the products.   

Do you want to check out the latest addition to the Nissan family? Then head over to their stall to check it out in person.

And that is not all. The show is also a place for everything that is related to the auto industry. From financing options to get your dream bike, to a full explanation on the kind of engine the car works on, to the insurance that will keep you and your dream car safe, there is everything you would ever want, in one place.

What can you do?

Apart from checking out your favorite brands of cars, and clicking those nice selfies with these lovely beasts, there are also other interesting events organized for your interest. The Auto Mall is generally known for their Green drive initiatives and other similar programs where you have the opportunity to show off your creative side to the world.

Bringing your family along? Well, no worries! We have events that will keep them occupied too. From simple drawing competitions for kids to more technical designing events, we have everything for every age group in one place.

This is the place where the auto lovers get to meet their favorite automobiles. You can now touch and feel how your dream bike feels under your touch, or how your car’s exterior shines. Get ready to pose! It is time to make your friends jealous of you.

Visit the Lulu Mall, Cochin in the mentioned dates for a date with your favorite automobile