43rd Auto Mall Starts today at Orion Mall

Be a part of the Auto Premium Exhibition at Orion Mall Bangalore

Automall, since its launch, has been known for walking an extra mile and putting an extra effort to meet the buyers and sellers at the same platform. With the aim of getting all the automobile lovers to share the same space with the same motive of buying and selling the automobile goods, Automall is now appearing on the grounds and is again launching the automobile exhibition this time at Orion Mall Bangalore.

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Date: 21st – 23rd  October, 2016

Venue:   Orion Mall, Bangalore

Timing: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Website: www.automallindia.net

The exhibition features the entire renowned brand and giving you the chance to get familiar with the cars and bikes you always have dream of driving in your dreams. The list of the brands is great manufacturers of the automobiles of the current times and features Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Nexa, Royal Enfield, Datsun, DSK Hyosung, Maruti Suzuki, Skoda, KTM, Renault, Mahindra, Suzuki Bikes and others.

Being a part of this Auto Mall will give you once in a lifetime opportunity to see, feel, and getting to know in person your favorite brands and discovering the amazing features that make your favorite automobile an ideal choice.

No matter what precise things you love about the cars or the bikes, being a part of this exhibition will just take you one step closer to something you have cherished all your life. The exhibition will surely satisfy your thirst and appetite for your favorite automobiles.

The year has been a great one for the automobile lovers throughout the country as Automall has selected many cities to organize the exhibition and nearly 50 shows has been planned to launch. Many of those already happened; nearly all of them have attained the success it targeted. Automall is providing many cities the support and making the automobile lover in many cities of the country to get the best deal of their favorite automobiles as said by a visitor who attended the exhibition, “I have never seen so many different brands put under one roof; it is like you have come in a real-living paradise of automobile.”

With every show in series, the number of visitors has been increasing and Automall aims to provide the better automobile buying and selling experience. It also promotes the buying and selling of the vintage cars that are hard to get anywhere. To give something unique and extraordinary, Automall is giving away many diverse activities that would lure the visitors more and will make them realize how worthy is their visit. So, if you are residing in the nearby area and are a passionate car or bike lover, this event is made for you. Be a part of the exhibition and explore what it has for you?

About Orion Mall

Orion Mall is the 3rd largest mall in the country and offers diverse sorts of activities to its visitors. The credits for the development and the construction of the mall rest to the Brigade Group. The mall is an eye-catcher for the tourist as well as the resident living in the city and is a home to many international and Indian renowned brands. After establishing itself the leader in its class, it also is honored with many awards for giving a diverse range of operations and activities. The mall has now transformed itself into a franchise and ruling the world. The mall is working to provide an extravagant feeling of retail destination, eateries experience, fashion statement, entertainment zone and more.