Mercedes Showcasing CLA, GLA in 41st AutoMall with other top Auto Brands

Top Auto Brands participate at 41st AutoMall at Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla

In 41st Auto Mall  where top brands participating Mercedes is showcasing it 4 cars togehter at Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla (Mumbai). All the Mall visitors are experiencing these brands meanwhile inquiring their details as well. Some other Auto Brands including Aprilia, Datsun RediGO, Mahindra, Renault ,Nissan,Royal Enfield, Nissan, Nexa, Tata Motors and Toyota also showing their newly launches or favorite cars of people in Phoenix Marketcity’s premises.

The 41st AutoMall will be continued till 25th Sept where people can know the brands closely and understand their need.

We have collected some images from the the Phoenix Marketcity