RelioQuick will organise its 42nd AutoMall at Aurangabad

   AutoMall in Prozone Mall,Aurangabad

On the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September, the top auto brands converge in the ultimate auto event of the year; the 42nd  AutoMall 42nd  AutoMall in the Prozone Mall. In this event, you have the chance of meeting and interacting with the top auto brands from 10AM to 10PM on each of the dates above. Attending this event will give you the opportunity to see your favourite car and motorbike brands in person. You also have the chance to ask all your burning questions about your favourite car or motorcycle before you decide on whether you should purchase it or not. All the cars and bikes brand representatives will be there for you.Following are some details of the 42nd AutoMall

  • Location                     –   Prozone Mall, Aurangabad 
  • Organiser                     – RelioQuick , AutoMallIndia and Stratagem Business 
  • Date                              – 23,24 and 25 Sept 
  • Time                               – 10 AM to 10 PM
  • Participants                 – Top leading brands 
  • Who should Attend    – All the auto brands lovers or one who wants to know about cars and bikes 

Why You Need to Go?


A Still from Previous AutoMall

Whether you love the outward appearance of motorcycles or cars, or whether you are more into the internal aspects like the engines and safety measures, this is your day! You will not only be allowed to view and physically inspect the machines, but also you can ask about anything related to these brands.


Curious about that new Toyota Corolla, head over to the Toyota stand and an enthusiastic representative will be more than ready to answer all your questions about the car in question. The same will be on offer for all major brands that will be available.

What You Can Do in the Event?


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Better yet, you will be allowed to take part in more ways than simply viewing and asking questions. You can also take pictures with the cars and motorcycles as you like. For this event, bring along your best camera as you will need it a lot. Consider bringing along a friend as you may need to take turns posing with your favourite car and bike brands. It is not a restrictive event for anyone who has an interest in cars and motorcycles. You don’t need to be buying to avail yourself. You can simply come along to quench your thirst for the combustion engine. Or you can come along to take in all the beauty that is the motor vehicle and bike.


The Ultimate All-in-One


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A Still from Previous AutoMall

This show is meant to bring together all major car and motorcycle brands for the benefit of everyone. You as a participant have the chance to soak in a lot of information that would have required you to go over the Internet or visit specific showrooms to obtain. You do not need that anymore. All the major car and bike brands will converge and make it possible for you to obtain the details you need. You can ask just about anything from the representatives be it the price, any pricing options one can consider such and loans and leasing and many others. You can even ask them if there are any programs to buy back old cars from them. They will be full of important tips for you. Or you can ask about the various specifications of each vehicle available.

If that does not interest you, you can always delve into the fun of taking pictures to post on social media for your friends and family to like and comment. You will never run out of things to do during this event!

If you want to know more or want to register you can click here to register