41st AutoMall of RelioQuick will start from 23rd at Kurla, Mumbai

RelioQuick’s 41st  AutoMall  in Phoenix Marketcity  Kurla, Mumbai

Mumbai Creative.jpgAre you an auto lover? Does the sound, the look, and the feel of a car or motorcycle send the adrenaline rushing through your body? Then you need to be at the Phoenix Marketcity in Kurla, Mumbai on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September for the auto show of your life! On each of these dates, the major bike and car brands will showcase what they have taken time designing, manufacturing and polishing for you to feast your auto appetite on from 10AM to 10PM.

  • Location                     –   Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla, Mumbai
  • Organiser                     – RelioQuick , AutoMallIndia and Stratagem Business 
  • Date                              – 23,24 and 25 Sept 
  • Time                               – 10 AM to 10 PM
  • Participants                 – Top leading brands 
  • Who should Attend    – All the auto brands lovers or one who wants to know about cars and bikes 

Why should you attend the 41st AutoMall?

automall-india-29If you are an auto lover, then you know of all the major brands of motorcycles and cars in the world. Whether you own a car, have plans of owning, or simply love to be around these beautiful machines, this is your chance to experience the cars first-hand. Not just that, you also have the chance to do a lot more such as asking questions on anything the motor nerd in you can think of. All the major brands you can think of, Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Land Rover, Range Rover…you name them! They will all be here with their latest and fastest.

Reasons to attend the AutoMall

automall-india-35As a motor lover, we need not ask you what brings you closer to vehicles. You have an array of reasons for that. Some of us want to know what lies under the hood of that polished exterior. Some want to know what new tricks and facilities have been baked into this new car or bike model. Still, some of us want to know how to buy our next cars. Or we simply love to be around magnificent machines. Whatever your reason is, it is all covered in this event! The companies bring along not just the guy who pushes sales, but the highly skilled engineer who will tell you of the difference between a V6 engine and V8 one. Do you know what the ‘V’ in there stands for? Then the 41st AutoMall is your next stop.

How you can enjoy at 41st AutoMall at Phoenix MarketCity?

automallYou may not be interested in the physics and dynamics of the car or motorbike, but you may have an eye for beauty. Cars and motorbikes, even when not zooming at incredible speeds past us, were crafted to entice us with their beauty. On this day, your favourite auto brand will not just bring out its most powerful car, it will bring out its most beautiful too. If you come along with a good camera, you will capture among the best pictures you can capture anywhere of motorcycles and cars. The best part is that they have all been brought together for you. So you can take a snap with the new Honda bike then hop over to the latest Toyota or Nissan. Rather than walking around in specific showrooms some of which do not allow pictures of their cars and bikes to be taken, come to the 41st AutoMall and fill your camera roll with the very best pictures you can get under one roof.

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