Is your car engine in better shape?

Car engine might look confusing with all wires, tubes and metals crossing here and there, but it is the most essential one for your car’s performance. Why not give a try by opening the hood of the car to have a look at your Car’s engine? It will definitely be interesting to you as it gives clear idea of how your engine is working.

Certain parts of car require regular check and maintenance, Engine is one among them. You might think of saving few bucks by avoiding these maintenances but this is not a better idea as you will be paying more if your car breaks down unexpectedly.

Shall we see on proper car engine care?

1) Are you checking the engine oil regularly?

Yes, then your car engine is getting proper care from you. Car engine’s oil is doing the similar work of blood in our body. It keeps the parts well lubricated and avoids over heating. If you avoid changing oil for a long time then it might cause a permanent damage to the engine. You can check with your car mechanic or service center to know when to change the engine oil since it varies for each engine type.

2) Are you checking for leaks?

Leaks are sign for problems in engine. Antifreeze and oil are the two fluids that might leak. The leak can be caused due to reasons like over heating and pressure, damaged or cracked rubber engine hoses, the broken seals at the joints of two parts, etc.  Proper car engine care is happening only if you fix those leaks by looking under the hood for the signs.

3) Are you fixing the small problems right away?

Never attempt to drive the car with problems, even if it is small. It is always better to fix them as and when necessary. If you hear any unusual noise or you face performance problem while driving, then it is time for Car engine care. Smooth driving is the sign of good engine and take immediate action as and when it requires.

4) Are you tuning or replacing the parts as and when needed?

Planning to skip the engine parts replacement might definitely prove to be dangerous. The timing belt, carburettor, throttle body, spark plugs, fuel filter etc needs to be tuned or replaced when necessary, avoiding them will never allow the longevity of you car’s engine. Car engine care will never be fulfilled if you don’t follow this step.

5) Is your car’s cooling system working?

Cooling system includes the thermostat, radiator, coolant and water pump. This part is as essential as engine oil for keeping the engine cool. Always ensure that proper amount of coolant also called as radiator fluid, is circulating properly throughout the engine.

In addition to above discussed points, there are few more things that you need to look on for a proper Car engine care. Fill up your gas tank before it gets too low, check on automative warning lights for any warnings and finally, never skip your Car service routines. Click here to know more.