SUVs or Sedans, which is safer?

When asked which car would you choose safety wise, then we all tend to choose SUVs over sedans reasoning that SUVs are much bigger in terms of size and mass than sedans and hence less damage to the vehicle and its occupants.  Let us analyze few points before you go about deciding on whether buying SUV or buying Sedan is better.


Energy Transfer:

As per science, the large object will transfer its energy to lighter ones. It is true even in SUV and Sedan cases too, considering the SUV having collision with a sedan, SUVs are safe. On the other hand SUVs having collision with a bigger vehicle or another SUV of its own size, the chances of survival is less.  It is infact true fact that a sedan’s driver is 7.6 times more likely to be killed than a SUV driver.

Higher centre of Gravity:

The reasoning to the above study is that the SUVs being larger has higher center of gravity and is more prone to overturning when involved in a collision and hence the fatality rates are higher. On the other side, the sedans have longer bonnet that serve as a protector when involved in an accident. According to this point buying Sedan is safer, since they don’t over turn as often as SUVs, the fatalities are less.

The chances of fatality of pedestrians:

One more point to be brought to notice is that if I say accident, by default we picture head on collision of two vehicles. Does the thought of pedestrian come in to the mind when talking about vehicular accidents? Perhaps not the first of the thoughts. So, what is the result when a SUV hits a pedestrian? It is 100% fatal. The chances of survival of pedestrian are almost nil. Considering a sedan hitting a pedestrian, the chances of survival of the pedestrian is more. The reason being, when the pedestrian is hit by sedan, the person will be hit between leg and hip portion of the body and hence will be falling over the bonnet rather than thrown away by the impact. It is indeed safer for pedestrian, but let us discuss on one more point before you go about buying a Sedan.

Safety Features:

The very moment we talk about safety, all of us come to a conclusion that SUV is safer than Sedan and go about buying an SUV. But the fact is, the size of the vehicle never decides the important safety features. The model of vehicle that you are using needs to have all modern safety features installed like stability and traction control, blind-spot warnings, radar assisted automatic braking system etc. True that SUVs survive crash test but the entire safety depends not only on that but how well your vehicle is equipped with all latest safety features.

Our final conclusion is it all depends on which place you are located. If you are in an area where many people are buying SUVs to drive, then you need to prefer buying SUVs. It is always better to stick to the same type of vehicle as those around.

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