Tips to take care of Car Lights

“Car”, a fantastic vehicle that carries us faster and safer. Rather being a luxury, Car has become inevitable part of our life in recent times. Can you ever imagine traveling through a horse cart or a bicycle? It is impossible rather might even appear funny to you. True, car is providing us an ultimate comfortable journey also helps us to reach the destination easily.

Car needs proper care and maintenance at frequent intervals to continue enjoying the ride. One of the most important part that demands care are Car lights, it plays a crucial role in driving safe. Why because, if you are not noticed or if you don’t see who is coming then chances are bright for any mishaps.

How do we need to take car of Car lights? No worries, we are now going to discuss on “Car light maintenance tips” to avoid unpleasant surprises.


First, let us understand the basic of your car lights

  • You should know when to use low beam and high beam of your headlights. Low beam allows you to see 150 feet away. High beam is useful when it is foggy outside and when you are on back roads at night. High beam impairs the driver’s vision, the one who is travelling in opposite direction, so it is better to use high beam when no vehicles are around.
  • Taillights are at the back of your car which is different from your brake lights that glows only when you apply brake. Another light that comes into place when turn is turn signals, it signals only when you control the lever located near your steering wheel.

Tips to take care of Car Lights:


  • The most important one in Car light maintenance is maintaining clean head lights, tail lights and signal lights. Dirt can dim the light and prevent you from being seen.
  • Properly aimed headlights enhance the ability to have a clear view of the road and will not blind the other vehicle drivers. If your headlights are not aimed properly, then it is better to correct it.
  • Car light maintenance is definitely a needed one in periodic intervals. Do a routine check of whether the lights are clean, ask a friend of yours to walk around the car to check whether they all are working properly.
  • Driving your car with one headlight might create potential hazards in road so it is better to fix it immediately. The bulbs in headlight dim over a period and if one of your head light breaks then it is better to replace both of them.  This important Car light maintenance tip will avoid the situation of your Car pairing up with one dim light and another bright light.
  • Finally, while driving, you will definitely be creating a blind crash area in front of your car if you over ride your headlights. Also if you have doubt whether to turn on the headlights or not, then it is better to turn it on as it gives a clear view of the road.