Proper car washing and drying techniques

Each and every thing related to Car needs utmost care and maintenance, be it changing tires or cleaning. Think once, are you properly washing and drying the car or simply damaging the polish and paint? It is indeed a critical question. Even car washing and cleaning has proper techniques that you need to follow in order make your car shine like a new.

Better observe your car keenly, can you notice swirl marks and scratches in your car? Poor Car washing methods will definitely depict a picture as poor car maintenance. You can very well eliminate these problems with following proper car washing methods.

A guide to Proper car washing techniques:

  • To start with, avoid cleaning the Car in direct sunlight instead park the car in a shady area.
  • Always wash the tires and wheels part first, as the dirt that comes out of the wheel might stick to your car part. This will ultimately be washed off at your final cleaning.
  • Rinse your car completely before you actually start with any car washing methods, as it might remove the loose debris.
  • Now start off with the overall car body cleaning, wash it with a clean water first. Select a car wash which is rich in lubricants, since they will slide off easily and will not cause any scratches. Also use a soft sponge to clean that are plush or with a deep nap.
  • To avoid swirl marks while cleaning, follow this Car washing method. Have two buckets, fill one with clean water and the other with soapy water. Each time when you reload the sponge with soapy water, dip it in clean water to remove the dirt accumulated in the sponge.

Tip for proper drying techniques:

Proper drying plays an important role in Car maintenance and should never be skipped.

1) Water spots that appear on the car after cleaning will not go if you are not drying your car properly. There are variety of drying products available in the market, like blades, towels etc. Use the one which is comfortable for you.

2) First, dry the windows and mirrors then you proceed to next.

3) It is better to use large towel in order to dry large portions. After finishing the large one, now wipe again with small towel for tiny areas.

4) After you completely finish the outside portion of the Car, now wipe all the door jambs.

5) Finally, dry the wheels using separate towels. You can use the same towel to clean under the hoods but if you use the same towel on paint area then it might result in scratches.

Now, to finish the cleaning you can use wax or sealant to enhance the shininess. Car maintenance will be complete only if you properly wash and dry the car at least weekly once. There are many car cleaning and drying products available in stores as well as online, choose the ones that fits well under your budget as well as gives a perfect cleaning to your car.