Taking care of your car during the monsoon months: Tips



It’s a great feeling when you see the dark clouds approaching you when the monsoon come calling. It is the end of summer and means good things like the rains, the thunder and of course, respite from high temperatures. However, it can mean hell for your car! Traffic jams become all the more common and the water-logged streets are not fun to drive on at all. The rains can arrive at any point during the day and the night so making sure that your car is monsoon-ready at all times is a great idea. Here are some great tips on how to maintain your car and how to ensure that you are road-safe this monsoon.

Taking it for a check-up. Getting your car checked up right before the monsoon comes calling is the smart thing to do. This is because your car goes through quite a lot during the harsh summer months when the sun is sweltering. It is obvious that the scorching heat will have an adverse effect on its performance. So before making it face the water-logged streets and heavy traffic of the monsoon, take it to your local garage and have it checked and serviced. This small thing can make a world of difference to the performance of your car all through these months.

Checking the lights. The lights of your vehicle are a very important and essential safety feature and hence taking care of them should be a priority with you. Especially during the monsoon months when rain, fog, hail and thunder are common occurrences and you need your lights to work in optimal condition at all times. Your visibility should not be affected at all and the headlights, fog lamps and tail lights should all work well. Make sure that you check for breakages in the lighting fixtures because that could easily lead to fuses (something you certainly don’t want). It’s a great idea if your toolkit has a few spare fuses available which will serve you well during a crisis.

Checking the tire pressure. Maintaining optimal pressure levels is important at all times and especially during the monsoon months when you have to be prepared for the worst. Good grooves and treads of good depth will ensure that you are able to deal with water on the roads with ease. Even one worn-out tire with bad treads and groove can be a dangerous thing to have while on the roads this monsoon.

Driving tips: India has an abysmally high figure when it comes to road accidents during the rains and that is why maintaining your safety and driving carefully is of primary importance during these months. Avoiding high speeds is a no-brainer which few Indian drivers remember while on the road. Modulating the clutch and the accelerator while negotiating deep pools of water is also a good driving tip to keep in mind. Also, always maintain a good distance between your car and other vehicles while driving. These simple driving tips during monsoon can prevent many accidents.