Top 8 fuel-efficient cars in India that run on diesel

Top 8 fuel-efficient cars in India that run on diesel

If pollution levels and car emission are things that are on your mind, then fuel-efficient cars may be something you are interested in. Here we bring to you the top fuel-efficient cars in India that run on diesel.

  1. Maruti Ciaz SHVS diesel hybrid

With a mileage of 28.09 kpl, the hybrid diesel version of Maruti Ciaz is a car worth looking into. There is quite a bit of subtle technology involved with this car which gives improved fuel efficiency. If you are thinking of buying a diesel car, then this can be a good bet.

  1. Maruti Baleno diesel

With a mileage of 27.39 kpl, the diesel version of the Maruti Baleno is something that India’s biggest auto-makers are very proud of. It is one of the latest premium hatchbacks launched in the country. Buy this, and you will have style, fuel efficiency and great features all rolled into one.

  1. Maruti Celerio diesel

This car has a mileage of 27.6 kpl. It may not be on the top of fuel-efficiency anymore but you can expect this car to be a very good ride nonetheless. It has an 800 cc engine and when this is coupled with the low kerb weight, it makes way for a lot of fuel savings every time it’s on the road.

  1. Tata Tiago diesel

With a mileage of 27.28 kpl, this car is manufactured by one of India’s most trusted brands – Tata. Its fuel-efficiency makes it to in the middle of our list. If you take your mind off the fuel-efficiency, you will appreciate the value it offers including spacious interiors, a great price point and a good cabin.

  1. Honda City diesel

This has been India’s favourite sedan car for a long time. Good news is, it is still a great car to own. It offers a fuel-efficiency of 26 kpl. What’s more, if you buy this, you will be happy because it has looks which are pretty great, is good on the road and offers a nice cabin space.

  1. Maruti Swift Dzire diesel

This is the compact sedan that has the best fuel-efficiency and hence it is a popular buy in India. Though this diesel version is bigger in size than its hatchback counterpart, you can expect it to give you better fuel-efficiency, which is indeed surprising.

  1. Ford Figo Aspire diesel

This offers a mileage of 25.83 kpl. What is great about it is that it gets all the features that its hatchback version has and what’s more, it comes with a boot.

  1. Honda Amaze diesel

With a fuel efficiency of 25.8 kpl, the Honda Amaze’s diesel version recently got itself a facelift. It offers a nice combination of mileage, space and style but you may find that it is not as refined as a few of its competitors.


So if fuel-efficiency is on your mind and you need a car that runs on diesel, make sure that you check out our list. These are some great cars that will do well on Indian roads so take your pick!