Why should I buy a hybrid car?

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Top 6 benefits of buying a hybrid car

The makers of the hybrid cars will tell you that these are the best inventions that the mankind has ever come across. To those of you who are unaware, they are nothing but vehicles that have more than one power source, an electric motor and a combustion engine to enable their movement. Unlike conventional cars, these hybrid cars get their power from both the motor and the engine. But before buying a hybrid car, also referred to as the green vehicle, you may want to explore the pros and cons of these vehicles in detail.

Being more fuel efficient and therefore pocket friendly is the major advantage in buying a hybrid car. But why should one prefer buying a hybrid car compared to the traditional ones?

  1. Comfortable:

In terms of providing you the right amount of acceleration on a freeway or in the middle of the traffic, the hybrid cars are equally as comfortable as their conventional counterparts. What sets them apart is that you never know if the engine is running, especially in heavy traffic. This is because, the engine shuts down and easily revs up which inevitably means lesser wastage of fuel.

  1. Matches your lifestyle:

You don’t have to worry about having a bigger family when you are buying these cars. There are already two and five seater on the market from Honda and Toyota. And there are many larger cars on the line about to make their entry. Irrespective of your family size, you can now enjoy the fuel efficient hybrid cars.

  1. Environment friendly:

Another advantage in buying a hybrid car is that you are keeping your environment clean. It has been found in studies done by the Toyota Company that these cars produce 90% lesser smog or emission compared to other conventional models.

  1. Cost effective:

A factor that serves advantageous while buying a hybrid car is that they are not as expensive as they are portrayed to be. Of course they are slightly expensive than the normal models, but look at the savings you can make in the long run. In US, there is an option to even save tax by buying a hybrid car.

  1. Mileage:

While all the hybrid cars give you a better mileage than their conventional counterparts, you need to remember, that it will depend on the car’s make and where you are using it. Some hybrid cars are better suited for highways, while some are good in bumper to bumper traffic.

  1. Emission issues:

This again depends on the kind of engine and transmission that you chose for your hybrid. A manual transmission car might prove to be more fuel efficient wherein a auto transmission might prove to be lesser on emission. Do your research before buying a hybrid car.