Selected sedans under Rs. 10 lakh

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 Today, the most popular style for the cars in India is those with the hatchbacks. But, eventually in India, it has also been seen that the first time buyers of cars, select the compact sedan and skips out the hatchback making the particular category popular in the past few years. 

Described below is a list of five sedans under a sum of Rs 10 lakh. These cars are not only prestigious than the smaller ones but also comes with a greater boot space.

Ford Figo Aspire

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The European design of the Figo Aspire is really funky and exciting, and it is rivaled by Ameo which has been launched recently. It is one among the few sedans in the market which not only looks great but is also compact. With the whopping 6 airbags and the ABS, it tops the chart of the variants and that of the safety measures. It is also one of the best cars to handle and to mention that the petrol and diesel engines of Ford really perform well. The cabin has got an infotainment package which is Bluetooth enabled, but there is no color display. It offers a great space for the rear. With the automatic gearbox, it is simply great for the first time buyers.

Volkswagen Ameo

This compact Volkswagen sedan has been launched at Rs 5.24 lakh and is exclusively a car which is made for India. Ameo meets the safety measures perfectly as it has got the ABS on all the variants along with the dual airbags in the front. It is by far the best in class with the great interiors, fit and finish. The cabin is well equipped with the Highline variants and has got an infotainment system with a touchscreen. It has got the first class features like rain sensing, control of cruise and wipers.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

It is the highest selling car of Maruti in India. Besides offering a great pleasure while driving, it also offers a great balance in suspension while handling and having a ride. It has got a punchy diesel engine of 1.3l along with a great AMT gearbox. It is great for the first time buyers due to the low cost of maintenance and ownership for the sedans.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Ciaz is worth the money as Maruti has loaded it with a bunch of gizmos and gadgets like the start and stop button, 16-inch wheels, keyless entry as well as with an infotainment system which is atouch screen. One gets a 1.3l DDiS engine with a peak power of 90 PS and also a 1.4l petrol engine which has both an automatic and manual gearbox. It is important for the first time buyers with the low maintenance cost of Maruti.

Honda City

Honda City, the always desired full sized sedan not only offers the brand name but also the social status. The variants are a bit more expensive with the great package. It has got a 1.5l petrol engine making a peak power of 119PS. It has not only got a CVT automatic gearbox with the paddle shifters but has also got a 5-speed manual. It has got a diesel engine of 1.5l iDtec making thepower of 100 PS. The leather upholstery tops the range of variants like the start and stop button and climate control.



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