RelioQuick Auto Mall India Organized another Premium Auto Show at Kurla, Mumbai

2.jpgKurla, June 2016: RelioQuick Auto Mall India organized a premium auto show from 17 June to 19 June at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, Mumbai. It was the best Auto show for different brands and for auto lovers at this market city. The latest models of cars and bikes were on display at this exhibition which had motorbikes and cars from the renowned automakers like Skoda, BMW, DSK Benelli, Nissan, Datsun, Ford, Honda cars, Mercedes Benz, Mini cooper, Nexa, and Volkswagen to mention just a few. The presence of a wide range of automobiles and bikes made the exhibition to be attractive to bike and car-loving hundreds of millions of Indians.

Tourists from all the four corners of the city and thousands more from around the Mumbai were in attendance at this Auto Show to have a view of their favourite cars and bikes. All the available courts were used so as to make it convenient to attend the exhibition at any court that is convenient for them without having to go through a lot of financial and physical stress if the organizers used only a single court. The tourists were able to have a good look at their dream cars and bikes at single location, making it different to make comparison between different models and types of vehicles and bikes on display.

Online presencetwitter quiz.jpg

People not only enjoyed on ground but on social media also they loved it. A three days twitter contest was conducted RelioQuickAutomall twitter handle. The hashtag #AutoQuizContest recorded 1.63 Lakh impressions where 5000 users were engaged as per keyhole data.  All users from social media enjoyed the event, contest and quizzes.

How did tourists view the exhibition?

5.jpgBecause of the good organization and the consideration given to potential tourists at the exhibition, thousands of auto lovers made the trip to the exhibition center where they were able to satisfy their desire as they got the unique opportunity of seeing on display their favorite bikes and cars. Potential buyers were able to have a good look at the vehicles that they wanted to buy at close quarters.  This was a plus for them because they could see differences in the features of the variety of vehicles and bikes on display so as to go for the one that best meets their preference instead of having to make do with a single model or product which will gradually have reduced their options.

Some of the spectators were so impressed that they decided to go an extra step by placing orders for their favorite bikes or cars on the spot without waiting till another day to do so. This shows that the exhibition was a real success, one of its kinds.3.jpg

As per the organizers data 2900 inquiries were noted and Approximately 7 spot booking took place at the auto show.

“This is really wonderful to see it as top brands participated in this Auto Show with more enthusiasm and eagerness, I am really happy after convincing all the brands to come together. It’s a best idea to reach customers and to know their queries about brands,” said organizers.

As a reminder, this event was launched by RelioQuick in 2012 to promote automobile exhibition for the teeming and ever increasing auto lovers in India and all around the world. Since its inception, hundreds of thousands of auto lovers have made it to the exhibition center with the figure increasing from year to year. It is definitely one of the events that Indian look towards every year.