Five things you don’t know about automotive testing

Each year new model cars arrive in different shapes and attractive colors but these cars have to undergo loads of hardships before entering a sparkling stage. Yes, there are lots of stringent tests and quality guidelines that these cars have to meet in order to be successfully launched. If I say car testing, the first thing that comes to your mind is slow motion car test videos that you have seen in ads but that is not the only criteria that is required. Let us now discuss on the five things which you are not aware about the automotive or car testing.

How does the car crash rating works?

You are about to buy a car, you will prefer the one with more safety star ratings. The car crash ratings will tell you chances of sustaining serious injury in a crash. If a car with five star rating meets a crash then sustaining serious injuries is less than 10 percent and as the star decreases the risk of serious injury increases.  This test is conducted by two bodies and they are federal government called the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the insurance body called Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  They both conduct different crash test procedures with different measuring points as part of car testing.

Test to find the loudness of electric cars

Electric cars are not as audible as other cars. The sound of the approaching car helps the driver to make a judgment of what type of car is approaching, where is it approaching from, how close it is etc. To provide a solution for this problem, tests are taking place to fit in artificial sounds to make them louder.  So car testing is also about innovation not just safety.

Public tests the cars

Automakers would prefer to recruit large group of people from public for car testing.  This helps them to find some new concepts, ideas and areas of improvement to enhance the driving pleasure. Generally, this type of testing done by regular people though expensive is important for auto makers and especially when it comes to electric cars.

Watch the cars getting crashed

It is dramatic to watch a car getting smashed to pieces. Keeping safety in mind, some of them would love to see the crash test videos and the performance results.  Sadly, not all car models have crash test videos but a fair amount of mainstream vehicles do have them. Tests disclose the crashes happening at various speeds with a dummy sitting inside.  These car crash tests are not so pleasurable to watch but they help us to find how safe the car is while undergoing a crash.

Crash test done with cadavers

Cadavers are real human bodies and they have played a vital role in crash test.  This is done mainly to find out how the crashes might affect the internal organs of a person.  Nowadays, the computer modeling is filling up the cadaver’s place in car testing. The interiors of modern cars have an enhanced level of safety which needs no major alterations.