Tips to help you improve the mileage of your car

MPG or mileage is one of the most sought out word in the world of automobiles. However luxurious or modern the car may be, if it doesn’t give you a good mileage, they are not considered well enough for the road. Car with better mileage is not created but is rather dependent on how we maintain it.

You don’t have to be a professional mechanic to have a fuel efficient car. Follow these simple tips.


How to improve mileage?

  • Monitor the tire pressure

    Higher the friction, more the fuel consumed by your car. For a fuel efficient car, you need to ensure that there is lesser friction between its tires and the road. For this, you need to ensure that the tire pressure is as per the level mentioned by the manufacturer. You shouldn’t over inflate your tires either as it will compromise on the stability of your car on road.

  • Be gentle and smooth

    There is definitely a thrill on racing down the road and braking whenever we feel like. But our roads and our cars are not meant for racing. Cars consume more fuel when you handle the brake and accelerator roughly, and fast. So be gentle on the controls and you will get a car with better mileage.

  • Plan your trips

    As much as you can, try avoiding shorter trips. If you have to visit a grocery and a hardware store, do them together as one trip. Longer trips mean lesser fuel and a car with better mileage.

  • Close your windows

    It is a common misconception that having the windows open is better as without the AC, your car will have a better mileage. But what we do not include here is the part played by the aerodynamics. To have a fuel efficient car, you need to have the windows closed and the Air conditioner on as even a little draft of air can drain tank at high speeds.

  • Lessen the load

    It is common sense that if the car has a heavy load, it is going to use more energy and fuel to drive. Keep your boot as clean as you can unless it is imperative to carry the load.

  • Do not dawdle

    A car which is idling consumes more fuel than a car on the road. Basically when you are waiting with the engine on, you are not making any miles for the fuel consumed. It is therefore better to switch off your engine whenever you have to wait for more than a minute.

  • Cleaning filters

    Whether it is the oil filter or the air filter, if it is unclean, then you are definitely not going to get a fuel efficient car. Check your filters at regular intervals, clean them and if need be replace them.

  • Walk when you can

    If you just have to travel down the street or to the next block, you can also walk. It is a good exercise for you and a good way to save your money on fuel.