Cars that stands out of the crowd!

Redi-GO, the Latest Datsun Product

In an attempt to take the India auto world by surprise the Japanese auto maker, Datsun has announced that its latest product, redi-GO model will be launched and released into India auto market in the next couple of weeks, precisely in the first week of June. This will be the latest car from Datsun. The price for this latest wonders on wheel will be Rs. 2.5 lakh.

In order to assure Indians of its readiness to do this, the company has started bookings before launching the motor for Rs. 5,000 with the objective of having 5% of Indian auto market under its control within the next 4 years.


One of the advantages of the latest car from Datsun is its low consumption of petrol which makes it one of the best in that area.

There are some similarities between redi-GO and Renault Kwid. Some of the similarities are the platform which is CMF-A. It also has the capacity to produce the same amount of torque of 72Nm with the torque. Other similarities between redi-GO and Renault Kwid are that they both have 4 doors and have a seating capacity of 5 people.

It also has 800ccc petrol engine that contains three cylinders as well as manual gear of 5 speeds.

Honda BR-V

This is a car introduced by the auto giants, Honda, as an SUV of compact nature. This product is not expensive as an SUV. This is the latest Honda SUV in India. With this SUV, Honda is trying to make a statement to auto users in India of its desire to lead the pack.

honda brv


  • It has a length of 175.4 inch, width of 68.3 inch and a height of 65 inches which makes it a very compact vehicle that is ideal for various users. This large interior allows for the product to be furnished very well, giving the passengers a feel of comfort.
  • The touchscreen designed for its audio system is highly advanced to give people the desired audio quality and performance of the highest quality.
  • The engines are of two different nature and options of transmission to make it perform better and have low fuel-consumption capacity.

Safety Features

  • The Honda BR-V has a braking system that enjoys anti-lock.
  • It also has a braking system that is electronic in its mode of operation.
  • There are 2 airbags to protect passengers in case of accidents.
  • Its HAS (Hill Start Assist) prevents it from falling back from a hill during ascent.

This latest Honda SUV will be launched in New Delhi on May 5, 2016 while it will be launched in Mumbai the following day.

Lamborghini Huracan LP 610 4 Spyder

This is an Italian car that is designed to combine speed with elegance. It has the sheer power that makes auto in its category pale in significance to this wonders on wheel. While working on its speed and power, its beauty is not compromised. This Lamborghini sports car is a beauty to behold.



  • It is a 7-speed car with double clutch AT. This makes this car a very fast one. Imagine what you can do with a powerful car with 7 speeds! That is what this Lamborghini sports car offers.
  • It has a satellite that prevents theft. This anti-theft measure is important as this Lamborghini product is an eye catchy. Its power, speed and beauty make it an ideal target for thieves. But you can be rest assured that your car is well protected.
  • Its structure is made up of aluminium and carbon which gives it a light feel.
  • It has a powerful V10 engine.
  • It is a 4 WD sports car.