Top five car gadgets that you would want in your car

The first question that we ask when we are buying a car is the number and the kind of systems/gadgets that it possesses. So with the growing automobile industry, we have been nurturing the industry of gadget manufacturing too. The car gadgets have been an explosive and growing industry in the last decade. People want anything and everything in their car, from a simple mobile holder to a sandwich maker, anything which is possible to be included. In fact some of these gadgets are so complex that we hardly ever use them without a manual. Despite the growing pile of car gadgets, there are some which are considered stylish, functional and worth spending your money on. Let us take a look at the top five of the car gadgets that your car should have.

Keyless ignition

key ignition

This is the best car gadget one can ask for, especially in those cold winter days when you spend time inside the car waiting for it to heat up. With this gadget, you can start your car without getting out of your home by a simple click of a button. It will also lock the doors automatically keeping your car safe while it is warming up. In fact you can keep the key fob in the pocket and the car will sense its presence when it is inside and automatically start.

Parking camera back up


If you are often backing out your car from parking, you would know that you cannot see all the way at the back. This means that there are chances that you might accidentally hurt someone while reversing out. No worries as there are these parking cameras that will show you what is at the back. So parallel parking is an easy job for anyone. The image pops up in front of you the minute you put the gear into reverse. You get both wired and wireless version of this car gadget.



Our very own trusted way to keep the communication going while swerving on the road. Just sync up your car and your phone and you are now ready to receive all your calls and make them from the options on your steering wheel or dashboard. There are different versions available from ones where you have to push a button to navigate the screen to simply speaking the name of the person you wish to call. No compromise on safety anymore.

System for navigation


Visiting a new place and got lost? Not sure where to go and whom to approach? Well, no more worries as with this new system in place, you can get exact directions on how to reach your location. These car gadgets have been evolving so much that from simply giving directions they have now evolved into one which will give you a traffic update on the route you are taking and giving you an alternate route to navigate if required.

Connecting iPods 


iPod and MP3 players have become a huge part of our lives as we can now carry our favorite music wherever we go. While most of the cars do sport the option to play an MP3 player, there are certain vehicle manufacturers who are making provision for those iPod lovers. With this, you can easily select the music and navigate from your steering wheel on your iPod.


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