What to look out for when buying a used car?

Are you buying a used car? Then you have probably made the smartest decision financially. But is the car that you have chosen the right car? What do you need to know before buying a used car? Because, smart or not, there is still some money involved in the transaction and it is not less by any standards. So you need to be aware of a few things before making a deal on used cars.

Unlike new cars, used cars do not have anything new about them (Obviously!). However, make the right choices in choosing the right car, and you might land up with the best car at an inexpensive rate. A few things upfront can save you the trouble of making the wrong investment. And these are quite simple to check too.


Outstanding recalls

These are typically recalls by the manufacturer of the car due to either a legal or a safety issue. Most of the times the recalls are due to the fact that the car has not met the safety norms of the governing authority and could potentially are dangerous on road. These recalls are often fixed at the expense of the manufacturer and if the same is not adhered to in the car you are buying, then you are dealing on your safety. So, check out the VIN for any recalls before buying a used car.

Title less cars

A car’s title plays an important role as to who is the owner of the car. Unless you have the title, you cannot prove that the car belongs to you and will never be able to resell it. So it is essential to check the car has the proper and original title with it before buying. It is therefore the most important step in choosing the right car.

Beware of a controlling seller

It is natural that the seller is trying to showcase the best qualities in the vehicle to make good money on it. However, you need to be careful with the sellers who are overly controlling even when you are test driving your car. Before making a deal on used cars, it is important that you test the car in different road and if possible climatic conditions. Do not compromise on your testing conditions for any reason and while on the road, check out the other systems in the car like heater, AC and radio as well.

Check with a mechanic

While we can go on as many test drives as we want, we are still not the experts when it comes to choosing the right car or to check out the engine and other spare parts. It is worth spending money on a professional car mechanic who can check the car for any faults. Do not use the mechanic recommended by your seller. Choose someone you trust for the job.

Obscenely low priced

It is possible for you to get an inexpensive deal on used cars where the car is in prime condition. But let us be practical here. If the car is in prime condition, why would the seller want to offload it to you for a low price? So, it is better to cross check more than once if the car is really good and the price is obscenely low. There is a chance that you have hit a jackpot where you get a good car at a low price. But the probability of that chance occurring is pretty low. So be careful of cars that are priced extremely low for their model and condition.

Apart from the above watch out for mismatched paint jobs, mismatched carpets, rusting in excess, musty or moldy interiors are definitely a big NO when buying used cars.