Toyota’s new model of Innova is here!

From its first launch in 2005, Toyota Innova has been the most successful and most desired MPV all over the country. And this is despite the fact that there have been many other similar MPVs from leading market players like Tata, Nissan, Mahindra, Honda, Renault, etc.  While there have been quite a few changes done to the Innova in the last decade, the changes have not been significant. We all heard the news last year that Toyota is launching Innova with a serious makeover. And the wait is finally over! The Toyota’s new model of Innova Crysta is here!

So what is special about this Toyota’s new model of Innova? Let us take a look at the new features of Innova Crysta.


Let us be frank here. No one can give the earlier Innova any credit on the aesthetic appeal. It was more an efficient car than an artistic one and it worked well for us. Anyhow, the newly launched Toyota Innova Crysta comes with a sporty change to the look while retaining the same outset of the older MPV. The change is so significant that unless you are familiar with the cars, especially Innova, you will not be able to make out the similarities in the basic structure. The headlamp houses two lamps – a halogen and a projector encased by twin chrome planks. The fog lights and the turn lights are integrated together in the same enclosure. The appeal is further enhanced with chrome handles on doors and chrome mirrors on the wing. The subtle bulges above the wheel gives it a mean sporty outlook and one cannot debate the car being of supreme quality.

toyota crysta interior

The Interior

The new features of Innova Crysta show a definite upward makeover if you compare it with its predecessor. The global design is followed as far as the dashboard designing is concerned. But that’s about where it stops with the global norms one should say. The ersatz inserts in wood, trims on the door pad and the surface made of high quality plastic speaks volumes on the journey the car has come over the decade.

The Seating Arrangements

Seats of the newly launched Toyota Innova Crysta are on par with the Toyota standards and everything that you hope for. The fully loaded Toyota’s new model of Innova  is even more appealing with ergonomically designed driver’s seat that can be adjusted electrically. The visibility for the driver is above par and the seats are plush to ensure comfort of the driver. If you are calling shotgun, you would still be pleased with the seating arrangements. There is no issue about not having enough leg space, the seats are slide-able, adjustable and the inside is airy too. A cabin that will please every passenger!

toyota 3

The Inside Machine

The newly launched Toyota Innova Crysta comes with a 2.4 and a 2.8 L diesel engine, the latter being introduced to satisfy the customers who opt for automatic transmission. The performance of both the engines will blow your mind away. The 2.4 L is just the right replacement for the earlier 2.5L, with the additional two modes (economy and power) offering you a fuel efficient high performing car in your hands. Be it the highway or the city traffic, you can cruise around with not a worry on fuel consumption. While the 2.8L offers 6 speed automatic transmission, you will still be left awed that both the engines offer you supreme driving experience.

Noise Reduction

Another of the new features of Innova Crysta is the reduction in noise and vibration level. The plush seats and the coasting function of Crysta make cruising on the highway a noiseless expedition.

All said and done, what remains to be seen is whether it is able to sustain the fame of its predecessor.