The much awaited Honda Avancier Rock the Beijing Market this April

With the launch of the all-new Honda Avancier, there is a celebration going all over among the SUV lovers. Honda has unveiled the SUV Avancier under its brand on 24th April 2016 at Beijing Auto Exhibition, China. Honda, which is known for their sale of the CR-V, and the HR-V in the Chinese market thinks of keeping the car above the CR-V. However, the intention of the car maker of whether or not to launch its release in the potential markets of Europe and India still lies beneath the shadows.


Interior specifications

Though known as much productive version than the last year’s Concept D SUV, the Honda Avancier is expectedly going to win over the position above the Honda CR-V because of its interiors and other related specifications. In spite of bidding goodbye to those wide angles and massive front air intake design of the Concept D, the final specification invested in the Avancier SUV are much more reasonable, and less replicates a transformer toy. It comes with the similar boxy hood, wheel arches, prominent front and rear design along with a sharply raked roofline which successfully terminates in a fast rear window.

Knowing more about its gear zone

The Avancier follows a concept very similar to that of Renault Vel Satis, Nissan R’nessa, Toyota Opa and Opel Signum. Also, it enjoys the base design of Honda Accord in terms of its height allowing a much more spacious interior that the Accord Sedan and Station Wagon from the same house. There is a shift noticed in the gear shifter of the Avancier from the central console to the bottom half of the dashboard giving a privilege of permitting the passengers of moving between the front and rear seats. It both comes with larger and better features than the CR-V having LED headlights and taillights, larger touch screen for infotainment and spacious back seat making the travel comfortable for the riders.


Engine capacity and body

Though all of the specifications related to Avancier are not yet revealed in the market, but it is clear that the vehicle comes with a VTEC turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with a store capacity of 2.0 liter. Though this specification related to the engine has been derived but it is still an unknown fact whether the same is related to the 305-hp VTEC turbo-four that is commonly in use in the Civic Type R. The car comes with a skid plate and a thick chrome grill bearing the badge of Honda right in the center for brand recognition.

Few other notable specifications

The other notable specifications about the car include its powertrain option with a plug-in hybrid moving the table forward. It is also boosted up with a lot many driver assistance technologies that make your driving experience safe and comfortable. The launch of this car will now see new market approaches in the SUV lineup of Honda, who used to only sell the CR-V and the HR-V in the Chinese market until date. For all those eagerly waiting now to know the price of the second generation Honda Avancier; it is priced Rs 23.2 Lakh ex-showroom and is soon likely to rule the Indian market as well.