Top ten cars for the year 2016

Following are the cars for FY2016 .

  1. BMW M235i: BMW is known for its driver centric design. So what makes this version special? Well, it is definitely a traditional BMW in its making but is a more compact car suitable for any road. Whether it is traffic or hairpin bends, this car is well suited for any
  2. Cadillac CTS VSport: You could say that finally Cadillac CTS has put GM back into the competition. The eye for detail from the Cadillac team is quite evident in the tuning of the suspension. The chassis is definitely driver friendly and is an amazing car to be on the road.Cadillac CTS VSport.jpg
  3. Chevrolet Camaro: Another car from the boroughs of GM which is more on the likes of the Corvette but with a sedan seating. The most interesting of this car is the braking system that ensures your tires are glued on to the pavement evenly and the car moves in the direction you intend to drive through.Chevrolet Camaro.jpg
  4. Ford Mustang Shelby GT350/GT350 R: The first feature to notice in a Shelby is the crankshaft which is worshipped as the soul of this automobile. This machine has been built with the track in mind. A holistic car that gives you the experience of a muscle car at a lesser weight and a great output.Ford Mustang Shelby GT350GT350 R.jpg
  5. Honda Accord: It is not surprising to see the Honda team taking credit for this car as it is worth every praise. It is not specifically about the ride or the way it handles on road, but it is a terrific combination of the two which makes it one of the acord
  6. Mazda MX-5 Miata: A complete package of lighter, efficient, affordable, beautiful, compact and reliable car! It is a joy for any driver to ride this car and the car behaves like it is made to be on the road literally. You will love turning corners in this one.Mazda MX-5 Miata.jpg
  7. Mazda 3: It is believed by the engineers in the Mazda team that for driving to be fun, the driver and the car have to be in sync. This is the principle behind the construction of this Mazda 3 – a balance in the muscle power for handling the car.mazda.jpg
  8. Porsche Boxster/Cayman: Both the cars are said to ruin you to drive any other cars in future. The steering and the brakes are made to be alive and stout and these are one of the best mid-engined cars to be on the road.Porsche BoxsterCayman.jpg
  9. Tesla Model S 70/70 D: Be it the climate control system or the simple music stereo, Tesla promises to deliver the best for its drivers. A smart car that can distinguish day and dusk, or even the weather changes. Definitely one of the best!Tesla-3.png
  10. Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Golf R: The year has not been good to VW, owing to the emission scandal which will continue to haunt them for years. However, that has not deterred the production of the latest car. The precision, the excellence and the control of this car is just unmatched.2015-VW-Golf-R-0.jpg