Brezza or NuvoSport: which one comes in your line of choice?

While almost every car manufactured has marked their debut in the SUV market, Maruti is probably the last entry in the sub 4-metre SUV space with Mahindra topping the list as the first entry maker. While the former takes over the winning position with its Brezza, the later looks forward to a greater piece of success with its NuvoSport. SUVs which have now become the perfect in for the car lovers provide them with its extensive range of facilities the user desires. The ever growing demand for a tall and beefy SUV possessing a ground clearance with the boot is what preferably breaks forth a comparison between the Brezza and NuvoSport.

A brief of Designs

So here you are with a bit of information on all the related specifications that will help you to understand and make the comparison better between the two. First beginning with Design, the Brezza is considered to have a far more conservative design than that of NuvoSport. It comes with certain progressive elements such as:

  • Daytime running lamps
  • Large bumper with customary skid plate
  • Squared out wheel arches housing the 16-inch alloy wheels


On the other hand, Mahindra NuvoSport adheres to love it or hate it design. The promotional design feature it possesses includes:

  • A subtle update for the rear and side ends including the 16-inch wheels
  • Smoked tail lamps and Re-touched front
  • LED daytime running lamps and air vent on the bonnet along with the signature grille of Mahindra.
  • It also comes with a tailgate mounted spare wheel


Over and all none of their design are eligible for getting them a design award. However, Brezza seems more appealing to the eye than the NuvoSport.

Comparison of Interiors

Coming to the interiors, the Brezza possess a black color theme making the cabin look smaller than what it usually is. The dashboard comes with a relishing soft-touch texture and the dull silver accent around it, and the door pads seem good to the eyes.

Though it replicates the cheaper Maruti’s in some way, but the Brezza’s cabin gives the rider a premium feeling. On the part of the NuvoSport, it resembles that old dashboard design similar to that of Xylo and has not received enough acclaims. However while one using the Brezza is devoid of the commanding view which the sitting of the SUV is expected to give; that using a NuvoSport gets to enjoy it which is where the later triumphs over the former.

Seating arrangement and interior space

The seating arrangement that Brezza has got seems much relaxing for the driver. All of its seats are bolstered and supportive when it comes to continuing driving for a long way. Compared to this, it takes time for a person to get accustomed to driving a NuvoSport when you have to drive a long way.

While the Maruti sounds ergonomically, the Mahindra NuvoSport is devoid of the same with poor ergonomics. The Brezza thus enjoys a better navigation with keyless entry, push-button start, automatic climate control and chilled glove box over the NuvoSport.


Who gets the winner’s name?

On a concluding note; a read way with the specifications of both the cars brings out the fact that it is Brezza which overrides the NuvoSport with a better interior. The only thing which the Maruti lags behind is the interior space whereas the Mahindra’s core feature is its spacious interior. Hope that Maruti will get into the reviews with a better spacious interior to speed up its rivals in the long run.